After bombing Syria, U.S. President Joe Biden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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U.S. President Joe Biden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize today for his bombing of Syrian rebels aligned with Iran.  The coveted Nobel Peace Prize has only been awarded 101 times between 1901 and 2020.

“We feel President Biden proved himself to be deserving of this award after showing the world he is willing to achieve peace in the Middle East at any means necessary,” the Nobel committee said in a statement. “By showing the world that he is committed to killing anyone who opposes peace in the Middle East shows that he has what his predecessor did not have.”

The committee criticized former U.S. President Donald J. Trump for completely failing to bring peace to the Middle East.

“Trump employed a tactic of bringing nations and rogue factions to the bargaining table during his presidency,” the committee said. “We all know the Middle East has been at war with itself for 10,000 years.  All that talking stuff was not going to achieve peace.  We all know that. Joe Biden knows the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East is through carpet bombing.”


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