After watching cooking videos all day, wife decides she’ll just make it the way she always does

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A suburban house mom in Upper Darby spent nearly five hours watching cooking videos on her phone and realized she’s just going to make tonight’s dinner the way she always does. After all, her husband and two children love her Sunday pasta and meatballs just the way it always was.

“I learned there’s a lot of ways to make meatballs and while Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsay, and that old Italian lady with the shaky and blurry YouTube channel have some really great ideas,” Sheila on 10th street said. “It’s more important that my family and I just eat the food we already enjoy and love.”

After loading up her Shop-Rite online cart with ingredients like goat cheese, truffles, bean sprouts, and tofu, Sheila realized that nothing really beats the way grandma used to do it.

Sheila figured she could impress the family on the homefront by substituting grandma’s old-fashion tomato sauce recipe with a nice tomato, balsamic and truffle oil reduction served over bean sprouts and topped with goat cheese and tofu inspired meatballs.

“I really wanted to surprise John when he came home from a day of work down at the mill,” she said. “He would have loved it, I’m sure. It had a five-star review and the webpage said kids would love it and keep coming back for more.”

In the end, Sheila decided instead to continue serving up simple meals that the whole family actually enjoys.

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