AOC Mad at Fiance After Realizing Her Children Will Grow Up to Be Creepy Old White Guys One Day

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Washington, D.C. – A neighbor living in the swank D.C. apartment building where New York Congresswoman AOC lives says she overheard an argument between the former bartender and her fiance Riley Roberts from outside their door in the hallway.

According to Chad Osterman, AOC was complaining to Roberts, a heterosexual white male that doesn’t fill in any checkboxes is responsible for the couple’s future kids growing up to be creepy old white guys one day.

Roberts, who is a Lilly-white redheaded Anglo-Saxon male with a milk-bottle complexion, had to endure a 30-minute lecture about white privilege.

“They better not grow up to be creepy old white dudes who hit on young Latino girls on Twitter, I swear to God,” Cortez said before rambling incessantly in Spanish to her fiance.

“I don’t speak the language, so I really don’t know what she was saying,” Osterman said. “But that dude was definitely getting worked.”

Cortez now faces the possibility that if she has boys with Roberts, they will be born with white privilege and she’s concerned about how that could affect her future elections.

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