Biden posts old photo of Cornpop on Twitter as a show of force against Vladimir Putin

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In a show of force and intimidation against Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden posted a photo of himself and the notorious “Cornpop” that he once had an encounter with while working at a community pool in Delaware.  The post was part of an overall plan of intimidation and a show of force against Russia and Putin that culminated with NATO doing a flyover of former Eastern Bloc nations on Tuesday.

“Vladimir Putin might think he’s one tough dude,” Biden said. “But I’m in the business of dealing with tough guys, man.”

Biden says a showdown between the U.S. and Russia is looming. If not, at least a showdown between himself and Vladimir Putin.

“Cornpop thought he could come up in my grill and tell me what’s what,” Biden added. “Vladimir Putin will get the Cornpop treatment if he comes at me.  He doesn’t know the dude he’s messing with.”

Afterward, White House staffers quietly took the President’s phone out of his hand as he fell asleep on the Oval Office couch clutching his phone mumbling, “You have have no soul, man.”

An intern was tasked with dimming the Oval Office lights.

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