Bill DeBlasio decriminalizes rape, robbery and murder citing systemic racism, right wing conservative agenda

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New York City - May 26 2014: New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio speaking at the annual Memorial Day Remembrance ceremonies in Riverside Park

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio today announced the next phase of his city’s sweeping police and criminal justice reforms, the decriminalization of rape, robbery and murder.

“Charges against the people of New York City for the crimes of rape, robbery and murder are an example of the pandemic of system racism that plagues America and highlights and out of control conservative agenda driven by the Republican party,” DeBlasio said at a press conference. “From this day forward, New York City will be a crime sanctuary where criminals don’t have to worry about their race, sex or religion when committing crimes.”

DeBlasio argued that people of color have been unfairly targeted by police for crimes.

With crime already out of control in the city, the New York Police Department Union protested, “Why can’t we just go back to the way things were when we could ride into Brooklyn and just shoot the first black guy we saw and call it ‘case close’.”

Obviously the New York Police Department and the mayor have a large bridge to gap when it comes to meeting in the middle on the subject.  DeBlasio said anyone currently incarcerated in the city’s jails will be released and given a free 7-day, all-expense-paid vacation to the destination of their choice as reparations for their incarceration.  Upon returning home, each criminal will be housed in the home of the family members of their victims.

“By placing these accused into homes of their victims, it will force the victims and their families to embrace the spirit of forgiveness and hopefully we can begin to build bridges,” DeBlasio said. “I’m confident this program will work.”

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