CNN Breaks Record, Goes Through Two Commercial Breaks Without Mentioning Trump

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CNN, the Cable News Network has broken its own record after not mentioning former President Donald J. Trump through two commercial breaks.  Media analysts say it was a fluke and CNN has since issued an apology to its viewers.  After the second commercial break, Don Lemon stopped speaking mid-sentence.

“Folks, my producers are telling me I haven’t mentioned Donald J. Trump for nearly twenty minutes,” Lemon said. “It is a blatant disregard to the topics that matter most to our remaining viewers. It was a lapse of judgment on my part.  They even let me know I didn’t mention the January 6th insurrection forty minutes into my daily broadcast. For this, I apologize, to you, the viewer.”

After the next commercial break, Lemon interviewed Liz Cheney and Hillary Clinton about women who have suffered severe mental abuse by the fingers of Trump during his Twitter days.  He followed that segment with a twenty-minute, “Why we all hate Trump” dialog, followed by closing his show with “The Trump kids, are they even his?”

Later, Lemon tweeted about Russian disinformation, collusion, Elon Musk and the best places to trash Trump in Miami Beach.

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