Democrats Declare War on “Gas” – Unveil Plan to Ban Gas Lighters After Gas Stoves and Cars

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In a stunning display of eco-consciousness and creative problem-solving, Democrats have set their sights on yet another “gas” menace in the form of gas lighters. Riding high on their success in targeting gas stoves and gas-guzzling cars, they have now unveiled an ambitious plan to eliminate gas lighters from households across the nation.

Dubbed the “Gassy Unification Act,” this proposal aims to complete the trilogy of gas-related bans, ensuring that Americans will be safe from any potential flicker of flame generated by these nefarious devices. “It’s time we extinguish the use of gas in all its forms!” proclaimed a passionate Democrat representative during a press conference.

The reasoning behind the gas lighter ban remains shrouded in a cloud of environmental virtue-signaling. “We must confront the undeniable fact that gas lighters contribute to climate change, inciting global warming one tiny flame at a time,” said another Democratic leader, sporting a “Save the Earth” pin on their lapel.

However, critics have been quick to point out the apparent absurdity of this latest endeavor. “What’s next? Are they going to ban campfires and birthday candles too?” scoffed one skeptic. “Perhaps they should focus on more pressing issues like reducing carbon emissions on a larger scale.”

Despite the skepticism, Democrats seem unwavering in their quest to eradicate the infamous gas lighter from the average American’s life. “It’s all about taking baby steps towards a cleaner, greener future,” argued a fervent supporter of the ban. “If we can’t handle gas lighters, how can we ever hope to tackle the real giants of climate change?”

The proposed legislation has prompted lively debates on social media, with users sharing memes of candlelit dinners becoming the new norm, and kids learning to light birthday candles with a magnifying glass to adhere to the environmentally-friendly mandate.

Republicans, meanwhile, are seizing the opportunity to lampoon their rivals. “Next thing you know, they’ll be banning ‘gas’ in gas stations!” joked one GOP spokesperson. “I suppose we’ll all be pedaling our cars with our feet!”

In response to the criticism, Democrats have doubled down on their commitment to their “Gassy Unification Act.” “We are unapologetically pursuing a gas-free world, one legislative piece at a time,” announced a determined party member.

While the debate over the gas lighter ban continues to spark fiery discussions, one thing remains certain: Democrats have shown no signs of backing down from their ambitious mission to rid the nation of gas in all its forms. In this political arena where gas has become a four-letter word, the fate of the humble gas lighter hangs in the balance. Will it be extinguished from history, or will it continue to flicker defiantly, a tiny flame of resistance against the winds of change? Only time will tell.

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