Taliban appoints Hunter Biden to Afghanistan’s new Economic Energy Commission Board of Directors

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The Taliban have appointed Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden to the board of Directors of the terror group’s new Economic Energy Commission.  Biden will receive a salary of $2.4 million annually to serve as an energy consultant to the Taliban.

“We are proud to announce we have hired a man to our board of directors with an extensive executive background in the energy industry,” Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson said. “Hunter Biden will bring his vast experience with energy from his past positions in China and Ukraine to our new Islamic state.”

Reporters today questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the appointment.

“As we all know, the children of Presidents have a right to work,” she said. “We can assure you that neither the White House nor President Biden had anything to do with this arrangement between two completely private entities, but the White House has ensured safeguards to ensure complete openness and transparency on this matter.  With that being said, all financial transactions between Hunter Biden and all correspondence between President Biden, his son, and the Taliban will be kept completely confidential. This is of course, a personal family matter.”

Mujahid said Biden’s appointment is contingent upon “the big guy” keeping his promises, but when asked, denied that the “big guy” meant U.S. President Joe Biden.  He added that Biden’s salary will be funded in part by the sale of U.S. military hardware left behind during America’s hasty withdrawal from the country.

After delivering her statement, Psaki asked reporters if they had any questions.

“I’ll take questions, now from anyone except Peter Doocey,” Psaki said. “No, Peter, please…put your hand down, please. Anyone else?”

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