Hunter Biden Claims Innocence in White House Cocaine Incident: “I Never Leave Good Coke Behind”

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In a jaw-dropping twist to an already scandalous saga, Hunter Biden has vehemently denied any involvement in the recent discovery of cocaine at the White House, asserting that the alleged substance was far too subpar to be his own.

In a hastily called press conference, Biden, son of President Joe Biden, addressed the media, flanked by his legal team and a few strategically placed “No Comment” signs. With a shaky voice and beads of sweat forming on his forehead, he declared, “I want to be crystal clear here – I have absolutely no idea how that low-grade cocaine found its way into the White House.”

The younger Biden, no stranger to controversy, went on to explain his theory on the incident, suggesting that someone with a vendetta against him must be attempting to tarnish his already colorful reputation. “Listen, folks, I may have made some questionable choices in the past, but when it comes to my stash, I only settle for the finest Columbian-grade stuff,” he asserted, as his lawyers winced in the background.

Reporters were quick to press him on his previous struggles with substance abuse, to which he replied, “Look, I’m not perfect, but I’ve learned my lessons. I’ve moved on from those days of casual cocaine encounters.”

Hunter Biden’s reputation as a “connoisseur” of substances is well-documented, with tabloids frequently citing stories of his colorful escapades. But he was adamant that those days are behind him, and he now focuses on more “noble” pursuits, such as his art career.

“I’ve turned a new leaf. Now I express myself through my art. And trust me, the art world is much more forgiving than politics,” he quipped, before hastily changing the topic.

Experts have weighed in on the matter, speculating that Hunter’s denial could be part of a larger political strategy. “It’s classic diversion tactics,” remarked one political analyst. “By deflecting attention away from the actual cocaine discovery, Hunter is trying to shift the focus onto his own credibility, or lack thereof.”

Despite his protestations of innocence, social media has been flooded with memes and jokes, with many poking fun at his creative excuse. “#GoodCokeGate” quickly trended on Twitter, with users playfully speculating on what constitutes “good” cocaine.

The White House has declined to comment on the incident, simply stating, “We are aware of the situation and are handling it appropriately.” However, one can only imagine the awkwardness around the Biden family dinner table as they navigate this latest controversy.

As the “good coke” debate continues to unfold, one thing is clear – Hunter Biden’s association with the phrase will forever be etched into political history, adding yet another bizarre chapter to the Biden family saga. Stay tuned for more developments, as this story has just started to gain traction, and the nation eagerly awaits further explanations from the artful wordsmith himself.

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