Joe Biden Says Walking Uphill Both Ways To School Will End Fuel Crisis

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U.S. President Joe Biden today, when asked what his plan was to address the rising prices of gasoline and fuel across America said the answer was simple.

“C’mon man, you got all these kids taking school busses to school each day,” Biden said. “Across America, that adds up and those gas-guzzling buses run on diesel.”

Biden harkened to a time when gas prices were 10 cents per gallon as a child.

“We didn’t have fuel crises back then, and that’s the truth, no, I’m serious,” Biden said. “These days, kids don’t know what it’s like to walk uphill both ways to get to and from school each day.”

The President then began talking about random grocery stores he would pass and how a can of corn was just a nickel and on the way home he would buy a pound of butter cut from a slab and carry it home in his pockets.

“You see, if you get rid of the school buses, you will see we can get back to the time when a dollar could feed a whole family for week,” he added.

Then, the president whispered in a creepy voice, “Walk to school.”

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