Joe Biden Screams at White House Landscaper, Get Off My Lawn, Putin!

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WASHINGTON, DC – After getting lost in the West Wing Sunday morning, U.S. President Joe Biden was seen in the White House rose garden yelling at Rogero Sanchez, a White House landscaper, to get off his lawn, calling him Vladimir Putin at one point.

“Don’t. Don’t. Don’t,” Biden could be heard yelling today. “Get off my lawn, Putin!”

Biden then looked Sanchez in the eye and told the 34-year-old landscaper who legally immigrated to America from Guatemala, “You have no soul.”

Moments later, three Secret Service agents approached the president to try to calm him down and return him back to his quarters.

“Mr. President. That’s not Vladimir Putin. You are at the White House,” one agent said.

“I want to go home,” Biden said. “Please take me home. Jill, where are you?”

“Mr. President. This is your home. You are President Joe Biden,” another replied.

The agents then walked the President back into the White House without further issues.

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