Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit found to be kingpin of nationwide equestrian meth ring

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After failing a drug test after winning the Kentucky Derby, a further investigation by local authorities has determined that Medina Spirit’s drug involvement goes far beyond Betamethasone.   Jeff Kingsman, the county prosecutor in charge of the case today announced Medina Spirit is the kingpin of a nationwide equestrian methamphetamine trafficking network.

“Medina Spirit utilized mules from Mexico to smuggle over 3 tons of methamphetamine over the Mexican border over the past six months,” Kingsman said.

Kingsman revealed that other famous horses may have been involved in the operation including the famed Budweiser Clydesdales who managed the equestrian meth trade across Missouri and the midwest.

“Charges are pending against the Clydesdale crew out of St. Louis and many members of the Maryland-based Assateague crew have been implicated with indictments pending,” Kingsman.

World renown trainer Bob Baffert said he had no idea.

“I know Medina Spirit sometimes hung out with some bad horses, but I had no idea who involved he was,” Baffert said. “I knew he liked a little blow now and then after a big race, but I never imagined this.”

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission said several other high-profile horses are being investigated after their names were found in a black book seized during a raid on Medina Spirit’s stable.


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