Mattel Announces Magic 8-Ball Fauci Edition

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Never be left not knowing what the best advice to protect yourself against COVID-19 again as Mattel unveiled their newest toy, the Magic 8-Ball Fauci Edition.

The Fauci Magic-8 Ball will help you decide each day what the current best practice is for protecting yourself and your family during the pandemic.

With over 20 pre-defined responses the Fauci version of one of America’s most historically beloved toys can now save your life.  Development wasn’t easy as Mattel intended to launch the Fauci Magic 8-Ball in time for Christmas, but after President Trump’s election loss in November, the company had to completely rebuild the answer cube inside to make sure the answers were current with Fauci’s stances and opinions during the Biden Administration.

“This was one of the most difficult toys we’ve ever developed,” Mattel said in a statement. “Just when we thought we had all the answers, Fauci threw curveballs into the dugout on us…you know things like wearing two masks instead of one…admitting everything he said under Trump was pretty much a lie and other factors. We hope to get at least a few months out of this, but we will provide one-year of free support to update the answer cube as Fauci continues to change his opinion and move goal posts.”

Mattel said the product being released does include the response, “In 2022” instead of the prior saying of “In 2021”.

“That was annoying, we had ordered 120,000 cubes that had “in 2022” should a child ask “When will I go back to school?” or “When will I be vaccinated”.  We had to scrap the whole shipment last week and change it to 2022.  We wanted to make sure our toy was as accurate as possible.”

The Fauci Magic 8-Ball comes with a warning that it should not be thrown.

“This product is not meant to be thrown as a ball and could cause unintended consequences of straying away from your target by 20 to 30 feet,” a warning label on the side of the box reads.


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