Netflix Announces New Series About Transgendered Ukrainian Soldier Who Found Love on the Battlefield

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Netflix has announced today it is in production of a new dramatic love series that takes place in war-torn Ukraine between a transgendered Ukrainian soldier who fell in love with a black male Russian nurse who tended his injuries after being taken prisoner by the invading Russian army.

Captured in the battle of Mariupol, transgender Ukrainian army soldier Illya Shevchenko was shot twice and needed medical attention. Russian army soldiers transported Shevenko to a hospital base across the Ukrainian border where he met Vladimir Vastovok, a black male nurse working for the Russian ministry of medicine tending to the medical needs of the Ukrainian POWs.

It’s here where Shevchenko and Vastovok realize that political disagreements and war cannot overpower true love.

The pilot episode opens with a passionate love scene in a medical closet between Shevchenko and Vastovok before flashing back to March when the Ukrainian was captured on the battlefield.

The two lovers manage to carry out their affair in secret and are eventually married under the cover of darkness by a non-binary Russian Orthodox priest who opposes the war in Ukraine.

Facing a mounting surge in cancelations of the on-demand video streaming service, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says “Marry Upol” will turn that trend around.

“People have been dropping our service and we see Marry Upol as the defining moment of Netflix that will draw the millions of lost subscribers back to our service,” Hastings said. “It’s clear we’re not pushing the moral and ethical limits far enough and that’s why we’re tanking subscribers.”

Reed said Marry Upol is one of three new series planned including, My Sister, My Wife, and Burning Justice Kavanaugh. The latter is a story about pro-abortion activists kidnapping Justice Brett Kavanaugh after burning his home down. During the next six months, the activists transform Kavanaugh into a non-binary, pro-abortion, progressive before freeing him back to the bench of the Supreme Court.

In My Sister, My Wife, a lesbian house mom tired of the everyday norms of an American soccer mom who one day mistakingly enters a gay bar in Miami in a life-transforming experience, met her estranged sister, who has become an LGBTQ activist. The two eventually reconnect romantically and get married as Marsha abandons her nuclear family in rural Montana for a new life with her long-lost sister.

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