Queen Elizabeth allows Prince Harry and Dutchess Meghan use of her childhood namesake after being told the other alternatives

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" photo by Mark de Jong, unsplash

In a controversial decision, Elizabeth, the Queen of England has allowed her estranged grandson and that wife of his to use her childhood nickname “Lilibet” for the couple’s American born citizen, daughter.  There was some confusion in the media about the name as many suspected the ostracized royal couple acted rogue, but insiders in the Queen’s court said it was all a misunderstanding.

“When Harry and Meghan called the Queen this week, they presented her majesty with a few names,” the royal insider said. “Georgina Lafloyd, Malcoma Martine, and Latasha Kendra were some of the names the young couple presented to the queen.  The queen countered with Lilibet, but that wife of his wanted nothing to do with it.”

“Oh, now your racist grandma wants me to give my child some cracker ass name?” Meghan told hubby Harry. “Over my dead body is that going to happen.”

After being reminded that the queen could accommodate that request if she desired, Meghan agreed to name the baby. She said she will instead name her new daughter Lilibet Diana.

“I’m getting tired of all this cracker bullshit in your family,” she said. “You bet, we’re going to also name her Diana to throw that shit up in her face.”

“Yes, dear,” Harry replied and agreed to the compromise.

Queen Elizabeth later reminded the couple what happened last time loyal subjects of the kingdom left for the colonies and started getting uppity on her.

“Ya, I know what happened, tell that bitch, 1776, motherf-cker,” Meghan said. “She wanna come over for a tea party with Lilibet Diana, we can do that too.”


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