Shocking Revelation: Donald Trump NOT Indicted for Crimes Against Manners and Tasteful Decor

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Washington DC,United states,December 2019,US President Donald Trump talking in prees conference

In a shocking twist, it has been confirmed that former President Donald Trump has not been indicted for crimes against manners and tasteful decor, despite rumors and wild speculations by his critics. As the world holds its breath, waiting for the next big scandal, experts are left scratching their heads at the unexpected absence of legal charges related to matters of etiquette.

In an era of political correctness, one might assume that accusations of poor manners would lead to a swift courtroom drama. But alas, Trump continues to elude the long arm of the law, proving that perhaps the legal system has other priorities.

Throughout his presidency, Trump was notorious for his blunt and sometimes provocative language. His unorthodox style often resulted in raised eyebrows and gasps from the more genteel members of society. Yet, despite this verbal verve, the courts have not deemed it necessary to bring charges of “Crimes Against Politeness” against the former leader.

Furthermore, critics have repeatedly lamented his design choices, most notably, his golden-gilded interiors that seemed to symbolize opulence taken to the extreme. Design aficionados and minimalist enthusiasts alike recoiled in horror at the ostentatious displays that graced Trump’s properties. And yet, he remains unscathed by any legal ramifications for “Crimes Against Interior Aesthetics.”

Experts in etiquette and decorum are baffled by this turn of events. One prominent etiquette coach expressed bewilderment, saying, “It’s truly perplexing. We have seen individuals face public ridicule and backlash for much less, yet somehow, Trump has managed to avoid any indictments related to his decorum and style.”

Rumors have swirled that Trump’s secret to evading such charges is his unconventional legal team, including a “Manners Defense Specialist” who allegedly employs tactics such as waving a pocket square or uttering a polite “please” and “thank you” during court proceedings.

Meanwhile, critics have taken to social media to express their dismay at the lack of justice served in these crucial areas of public concern. One Twitter user lamented, “How can someone get away with such atrocities against our sense of taste and propriety?”

As the investigation into Trump’s manners and decor continues to unfold, the world holds its breath, wondering if justice will ever be served. Will this be the case that finally exposes Trump’s alleged crimes against politeness and design?

Only time will tell. Until then, society must grapple with the shocking revelation that Donald Trump remains unindicted for what some view as his most egregious offenses – crimes against manners and tasteful decor.

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