Trump Clones Himself to Attend Multiple Simultaneous New Indictment Hearings

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In a surprising and unprecedented move, former President Donald Trump has reportedly taken cloning to a whole new level, using cutting-edge technology to attend multiple indictments simultaneously. Witnesses claim that not one, not two, but a whole army of Trumps appeared in various courtrooms across the country, all facing a slew of legal charges with his characteristic flair.

The daring scheme was first discovered when reporters noticed that Trump seemed to be in two places at once. As they struggled to wrap their heads around this seemingly sci-fi development, it quickly became apparent that the former president had harnessed the power of cloning to tackle his legal woes head-on.

In one courtroom, Trump’s lawyer dramatically announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, the defense calls Donald J. Trump to the stand.” To everyone’s surprise, not one, but a dozen Trumps rose from their seats, all donning their signature red ties and impeccable hairdos. The scene was akin to a bizarre episode of “The Apprentice,” where contestants were tasked with playing their role to perfection.

As the various Trump clones argued, contradicted, and even praised each other simultaneously, spectators were left bewildered. Some were in awe of this apparent technological feat, while others raised concerns about the legality and ethics of such a maneuver.

Leading scientists weighed in on the matter, expressing skepticism about the feasibility of instantaneous cloning. Dr. Einstein Fuddlewick, a renowned expert in quantum mechanics, remarked, “This is simply preposterous. Cloning technology has not reached the point where we can create multiple individuals in the blink of an eye.”

However, Trump’s legal team staunchly defended the use of this extraordinary strategy, claiming it was merely a clever “time-sharing” method to ensure their client could fulfill his obligations in various courtrooms simultaneously.Tr

Moreover, rumors have surfaced that the former president’s team has applied for a patent on this groundbreaking technology. In a leaked document, they reportedly stated, “This cloning technique will revolutionize the legal system, allowing clients to be in multiple places at once. Imagine the possibilities!”

As news of Trump’s cloning escapades spread like wildfire, other prominent figures in legal trouble began exploring similar avenues. Hollywood celebrities were said to be considering cloning themselves for red carpet appearances, award shows, and court hearings. “The more versions of myself, the better,” commented one famous actor.

In the wake of these developments, lawmakers and ethicists find themselves facing a new frontier of legal conundrums. Can cloning be used as a legal defense? Is it ethical to create duplicates of oneself for such purposes?

As the saga continues to unfold, the world watches in amazement and bewilderment at the audacious antics of Donald Trump and his multiple clones. One thing is for sure – this cloning spectacle is bound to be a chapter in the history books that will leave readers scratching their heads for generations to come.

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