White House admits Jen Psaki is faulty A.I. hologram based off Siri code

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – After just one month in office, the administration of President Joe Biden today confessed White House Press Secretary  Jen Psaki is a problematic AI hologram with more than a few bugs in her code.   The Psaki AI hologram operates much like Siri and Alexa, and internally, White House officials just refer to her as “Jen”.

“In the past, putting live humans in front of a room of hostile press reporters has proven to be a political risk,” a Biden official said. “You never know how a person can be triggered to do or say something that might fall back negatively on the President.”

The administration said the Jen Psaki hologram was programmed with a basic set of facts, figures and quotes and each morning her program is uploaded with possible scenarios and responses for each daily press conference.

“Lately, as reporters have begun to go off script with the Jen AI, we realized she’s been getting herself into these constant loops and frequent memory dumps,” the official said. “Jen has a handful of default, ‘information not available’ fallback like you see on Alexa or Siri…in fact, we were able to base her entire existence off Siri code we obtained from Apple.”

In early beta versions of Jen, her AI was triggered by saying, “Hey Jen” then asking a question, but has since been upgraded to accept questions from reporters without the prefix.

“She’s been buggy lately, there’s no doubt about it,” the White House official said. “We’re not sure if it’s because of data corruption or that our content management team is not properly uploading the most relevant information, but we realized the press corps was on to us, so this is why we’re just coming clean today.”

Software developers working on Jen say they are working hard to address the “circle back” bug and a glitch that sometimes causes Jen to provide information not even remotely relevant to the questions being asked by reporters.

“It’s early but, we hope to have all the bugs worked by summer with our Jen 1.2 update,” the White House staff member said. “She’s lots of fun to have though, especially when the guys in the office yell stuff, like ‘Hey Jen, do you fart?’ or ‘Hey Jen, can you tell me a Star Wars joke?”


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