In latest press conference Dr. Fauci lets loose evil laugh, repeating “You’re all going to die!”

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Dr. Anthony Fauci had what appeared to be a breakdown at today’s White House COVID-19 press briefing.

The meeting went like most others before it where Fauci completely said something totally different than what he said in the last meeting.  Shortly after explaining why Americans will be wearing facemasks, Fauci began giggling and smirking under his breath as he began detailing how his latest finding that plastic particulates in facemasks can cause cancer he just lost it.

“You’re all going to die!” Fauci said as he let loose an evil laugh.  “Muhahhaahah, you’re all going to die!”

At that point, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki regained control of the podium while White House security officers tasered and maced Fauci as he began taking off his clothes and ran naked through the press briefing room.

“What Dr. Fauci meant to say is that this administration believes in science, and the science here tells us that at some point, you, me, and everyone in this room will die at some point,” Psaki said. “We of course intend to stay the course of life, so long as you don’t die and as long as that life isn’t a little tiny fetus living somewhere in side a woman.”


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