White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki finishes briefing without having to circle back

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WASHINGTON, DC – With those pesky Fox News and alt-right reporters skipping Tuesday’s White House Press Conference, White House Press Secretary Jen  Psaki didn’t have to “Circle Back” at all.

Psaki faced a barrage of questions about which side of the bed each of the Bidens sleep on at night and whether or not the President likes the new carpet he installed in the Oval Office in January.

Things were about to get heated when CNN’s Jim Acosta got into the weeds asked Psaki about which font Biden prefers to have his executive orders written in, but Psaki was able to flip through about 15 pages in her daily briefing binder before realizing they were all in the standard Times New Roman.

“It was a great day today,” Psaki later told reporters. “I can see why Trump thought that Acosta guy is such a dick. He knew that he could submit those questions beforehand and really put me on the spot out there.”

Tuesday’s press conference covered a wide range of topics including the President’s favorite ice cream, how he named his dog, his favorite route from his quarters to the Oval Office and the various breakfast options available to him each morning by the White House kitchen.

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